We need your help to bring public attention to one of New York’s best kept secrets! Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) account for 80 acres of open space in some of the most congested neighborhoods in the city, the result of a bargain that gave developers the right to build larger and higher if they create public assets at the street level. But too few New Yorkers know a POPS when they see one, and these cherished spaces often go underutilized in the very neighborhoods where they could make the biggest difference.

That’s where you come in. Along with our partner Jerold Kayden, MAS currently maps and monitors POPS across New York City on our Advocates for POPS (APOPS) site. We’re ready to add more than 70 new POPS to the page, but we need photos for them. Help your fellow New Yorkers identify and enjoy these public assets the way they were intended by sending us your photograph (mobile phone images are fine!).
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Thank you for your submission! Make sure to visit apops.mas.org for more information about Privately Owned Public Spaces.